Frequently asked questions

Here at Sharp Edge Solution we offer business skills training using digital learning resources which are spread across a variety of different formats including audiobooks, videos, online courses and e-books and articles. The platform has been designed in this way so that it offers multiple learning options so that it is suitable for a wide range of learners as well as different learning styles. Whether you are an audio or visual learner, we will have both the topics and the formats available for you to make the most out of your learning experience with us. Sign up now to find out more.

Before anyone is able to access and download any of the courses which we offer here at Sharp Edge Solution, they will need to first create an account. Setting up an account does not take long, and the form can be completed online in just a few minutes. In order to process your registration, we will need some personal information from you including your name, email address as well as asking you to create your own unique password. You will need to keep this information safe and re-enter it each time you log-in to be able to access the content library.

When you sign up via the registration process and your account has been verified, you are now free to enter and browse the full range of business courses available on Sharp Edge Solution. Registering for an account is free, and we also do not take any membership or subscription fees from our customers. Instead, we operate an entirely pay-as-you-learn model which means that you only pay for the content which you have chosen and downloaded. In the long-run this model offers you more flexibility as well as helping you to save costs as you are only ever paying for the courses and content that you want and need.

We do not offer any form of formal assessment here at Sharp Edge Solution, nor do we offer qualifications. While all of the courses and content that we offer are accredited, we operate an entirely teach-yourself model and we are in no way accredited or associated with any governing body or educational facilities. The learning which we offer is entirely on your terms, and is designed to be used in a self-help format. You get what you put into it. While there are no formal assessments, some of the courses do include tests and quizzes which you can use at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge, but these are optional.

Here at Sharp Edge Solution we have tried to make sure that all of the content we offer covers a broad range of topics so that there is something for everyone. While we do offer some more advanced and in-depth topics for those who already have a solid grasp on business skills, the majority of our learning base come to us to learn some of the basics and more essential business skills. As an example, these could include topics such as communication skills, negotiation skills, strategic planning, leadership skills, team-building skills, analytical skills, sales and marketing skills and general management skills.

We have worked hard to try and include and cater for a number of different requirements as well as making sure that we update our stock as regularly as possible, but sometimes we might not have what it is you’re looking for. We love hearing from our customers and our growing global community of business learners, so if there is something that you want to see covered that we do not currently cover then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you. We’re always looking for ways to improve our service to make sure it offers everything you need, so if there’s something you can’t find then let us know and we will work out how to find it for you.

Here at Sharp Edge Solution we offer a flexible, modern and digital learning solution which we believe caters much better to the modern digital-savvy learner than traditional business courses might. Some courses require that you attend them in person, which for many aspiring learners simply is not possible to fit around their current diary commitments. It can also be more expensive to enrol in a more traditional course as you have to sign up for all of the modules that they offer. With us, on the other hand, all of the learning is done remotely in a time and place that suits you, and you only pay for the courses that you want making the whole process much more time and cost effective.

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